L'il Green Devil 190gr
L'il Green Devil 190gr L'il Green Devil 190gr L'il Green Devil 190gr L'il Green Devil 190gr

L'il Green Devil 190gr

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Made in traditional South African style.


This is our signature product, our best seller and a Great Taste Award 2013 gold star award winner.

A fiery, slighty sweet green chilli relish made with fresh green & Scotch Bonnet chillies.  Despite being fiery hot, the balanced sweetness stops it from overwhelming your tastebuds allowing the citrus frangrance of the scotch bonnets and the flavour of the green chillies to make their appearance.

Great with everything!  But we suggest you try it as a condiment with a beautifully cooked steak, chicken, prawns or eggs cooked any way. Also add some to mayonnaise for a savoury, spicy addition to sandwiches.

This is a fresh sauce and must be consumed within 4 weeks of opening.  Keep in refrigerator at all times.

Contains no artificial flavours, colourings or preservatives.

Postage weight (incl glass jar, lid & packaging): 460gr (medium)

Additional Information
Vegan Contains no animal products.
Gluten Free This product is free of any gluten.
Ingredients Peppers, onions, vinegar, chillies, sugar, garlic, salt, spices.

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