Dinner in a Diner (May16)

Corn Pudding
Ingredients 50   gr Butter   300  gr Sweetcorn, frozen 2.5 cups 150  gr Onion, white, chopped 1/2 cup 120  gr Eggs, whole 2 eggs 125  gr Milk 1/2 cup 125  gr ..
This recipe came about when we asked for a Don Pedro (a common South African alcoholic milkshake) at a local restaurant in Halifax.  We've called it a Don Juan and it's just a riff on the original Don Pedro - in all, basically, a grown-up milkshake but gorgeously yummy!   The white chocolate ganache is optional but it does add an additional layer of flavour.  You can replace this with 20gr of white chocolate by grating it finely into the blender but this will leave the drink a ..
Dark & rich Chocolate Brownies
What can I say about deep, dark, choclatey, rich, fudgey goodness that they won't say themselves?   Ingredients 225  gr Butter, unsalted   330  gr Chocolate, dark   180  gr Eggs, large 3 eggs 5  gr Coffee granules e.g. Nescafe 1.5 tbl ..
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