Gem Squash (per kg)

Gem Squash (per kg)

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This is a limited order product only for North Wales delivery on 17th September.

These organic gems are supplied by Kensons Farm Veg Shed but come in a 5kg box for £6.99 with a delivery fee of £6.00 so in effect £12.99 per box of 5kg of £2.60/kg (or about 85p each) .  

I'm happy to place an order (although I do need a minimum order) that we can split amongst ourselves if you want a smaller quantity, but also more than happy for you to use the link above so that you can order directly for yourself.

There are approximately 3-4 gems per kilo (depending on size) and in previous years the gems have been fabulous - all with hard skins and not fibrous.

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