Boerewors (Original) 500gr
Boerewors (Original) 500gr Boerewors (Original) 500gr

Boerewors (Original) 500gr

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Made in traditional South African style.

Boerewors is translated to farmers sausage.

Our boerewors is made with quality assured beef & pork to ensure a juicy, flavour-packed sausage.  We ensure that we source only British, traceable and quality assured meat giving us a tender, flavourful raw product even before we start to make the boerewors.  Our meat is from a local supplier that carries the Quality Standard Mark .  This means that all meat is produced to a higher standard than required by law, with a fully assured end-to-end supply chain that is independently inspected at every stage from farm to meat counter.  We grind the premium meat to a medium coarse texture ourselves and never use scraps, inferior cuts, imported or low quality meat.  All spices, purchased locally and freshly prepared by ourselves for each individual batch, are ground & blended to a traditional, family recipe. 

Our boerewors is made from 100% meat using natural hog (thick) or sheep (thin) casings.  They contain no fillers, artificial flavourings or chemical preservatives (nitrates or nitrites) as we use an acid environment & salt as our natural preservatives.  The sausages contain traditional flavours of coriander, black pepper & other warm spices - a delicious combination.

The boerewors is best cooked on an open, direct, medium charcoal fire and cooked to an internal temperature of 75oC which produces a medium cooked sausage and one that is safe from pathogens.   This temperature ensures that the sausage is cooked properly but not dried out - this should be avoided as overcooked boerewors becomes dry (although this is still tasty, the texture is affected).  Boerewors can also be fried or grilled but to the same internal temperature.  To ensure a good texture, we suggest that you don't prick the boerewors whilst cooking.

All boerewors are sealed into individual vacuum packs and frozen to maintain freshness and ensure product safety.  Continue to store the boerewors in your freezer and consume within 6 months. 

Contains no artificial flavours, colourings, preservatives or pre-packaged or manufactured spice mixes.

Postage weight (incl packaging): 600gr

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Gluten Free This product free of any gluten.

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