About Us

Jan is an enthusiastic & experienced cook & food manufacturer based in Littleborough, Rochdale and the owner & creator of Lalamanzi.  Following a once-in-a-lifetime trip of 18 months driving through Europe, the Middle East & Africa, and coming into contact with a rich variety of food & culture, on her return, she ditched her corporate life of project management for her love & passion of food.

After 2 years of hard slog, falling down, getting back up, study, research and plenty of late nights (..and the never-ending and patient support of her partner) her dream, Lalamanzi, was born.  Another 2 years of hard work during the economic crisis has seen her being awarded Great Taste Award gold stars for 2 products in 2013.

Jan continues to learn and grow her cooking skills.

In today's busy world filled with work, family and responsibilities, leaving little time to squeeze in hobbies and exercise, we're always looking for ways to make our life's just that bit easier.

Ready made food - bottles, jars and cans of it - do just that. There's no need to make everything from scratch anymore.  But along with this convenience, over the years, food producers have been looking to earn their shareholders money and slowly introducing cheaper ways of creating these conveniences.

Pick up a tin, jar or bottle of food nowadays and you know that you're going to find listed in the ingredients a selection of fruits, vegetables and things that you instantly recognise.  But in amongst that list are ever increasing quantities of E numbers, preservatives and chemical additives that you just don't. 

These artificial additives don't grow on trees, don't get their nourishment from our earth but are manufactured in laboratories, in someone's test tube or in massive stainless steel vats bolted onto a factory floor.  We are becoming more and more accustomed to their appearance as we come to expect long shelf live, food stored in cupboards and low cost food production.  We all, and we include ourselves in that group, look for the best quality that we can afford and, in today's financial climate, that's becoming more and more difficult.

But there has to be a different way to approach this.  Surely it can't mean that the only way to store bottled foods (and for this we mean tinned and jarred as well) is to use chemical and manufactured perservatives. After all, our grandmothers have known how to preserve and store food without the need for artificial additives for years and years.  Yes, it means that without artificial chemicals the food won't last safely for years & years but it could last for up to a year and more and, more importantly, still taste good all without the need for artificial preservative, colourants or additives. 

We aren't talking about cutting the additives out completely - for reasons of food safety and in pursuit of traditional recipes, we may sometimes need to use additives.  Our aim is to minimise them as much as we can, replacing artificial with natural where we can and keeping you informed of where they are and are not used.


Our aim is to create homemade, natural food using artisan methods and traditional recipes - using tried and tested methods that have been in use for generations.

We aim to use fresh, quality ingredients & source and buy our ingredients locally - in all trying to maximise flavour.

We aim to minimise or even eliminate the use of artificial additives & colourants where we can and, instead, use traditional processes, time and natural ingredients to preserve our products.


Each item that we produce is logged to help with traceability.  Although we didn't set out to manufacture vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free foods, the type of food we make and the influence of our food philosophy has given us the ability to provide the information.  Additional information on ingredients & manufacture is available on request.

We are a small producer based in the North West.  All recipes that we use originate from our family recipe archives or have been researched and tested on family, friends, neighbours and willing strangers before coming to you.

Having grown up in South Africa, you might notice that the majority of our products are South African-based - it is a country with a rich and varied cooking heritage having influences from Portugal, Mozambique, France, India, Malaysia and Germany.  However, we have lived very happily in the UK for nearly 20 years so various local items now appear on the list - sometimes with a bit of a twist but always with our food philiosophy foremost.

In all, we aim to manufacture homemade, quality products that we hope you will enjoy as much as we do.





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